San Francisco: FAQ


Prices can vary a little bit depending on the league as some fields cost more than others, but generally the early bird rate ranges from $60-$65/person before it goes up to the regular rate of $70-$75/person. The money goes towards many things - T-shirts, field rentals, insurance, equipment, umps, occasionally some booze at the bar, taxes, prizes for the Playoff and Flip Cup Champions, etc. The list goes on.  Make sure after you’ve registered that you submit your payment or else your registration will be deleted by the system after 2 hours.

Just click the blue “Register” button on the league page and follow the steps.

After you click the “Register” button select the option to sign up as a team captain.  Once you’re all signed up invite your friends to join your team. There is actually an invite tool you can use when logged into the website that captains are strongly encouraged to take advantage of.

Usually teams have around 20-25 people, but this number is flexible depending on the size of a league. You only actually field 11 people at a time, but it is always good to have extra people in case some folks can't make it on a certain day. Plus the more partying on the sideline with your team, the better.   Until you have at least 13 guys and 9 girls on your roster your team will not be considered complete and we’ll have the right to add players to your team.

Sign a team up anyway. I don't care if you end up with a team of 2 people. I'll just combine your team with another one and you'll instantly have a bunch of new friends.

After you click the blue “Register” button select the option to join as a team player, then just find your friend’s team and follow the steps.

Yes, just select the free agent option after clicking the blue “Register” button. Once registration is closed down I'll put you onto a team that could use an extra person or create a team entirely of free agents.

This varies from league to league, just check the league page of the one you’re interested in.

There are two seasons for the Wednesday and Thursday night leagues in the Spring and Summer when there is enough daylight to play games in the evening.  Those games are at 6:30 and 7:15 each week. The Sunday afternoon league runs in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Those games are usually anywhere from 1-4.  Check the homepage of the league you’re interested for exact details.

Yes, it is usually a week or so after the end of the regular season.  It’s a single elimination tournament that every team qualifies for (provided they don’t have more than one forfeit during the regular season).  Plan on an all day event with your teammates. Always a really fun day.

Everyone heads to the bar. Teams match up with each other and play flip cup, or just hang out and eat and drink. Whatever you feel like.  There will be a Flip Cup Tournament towards the end of the season that people usually get pumped for.

No, umps will be provided for every game.

All fields rented through San Francisco Parks and Rec department do not allow alcohol on them (sometimes can get a special permit for the playoffs).  Fort Scott Field which is rented through the Presidio does allow alcohol.