Frequently Asked Questions

Prices can vary a little bit depending on the league as some gyms cost more than others to rent, but generally the early bird rate is $625 per team or $85 for an individual.  At the conclusion of early bird registration it goes up to $700 per team or $95 for an individual. Fees include 7 weeks of regular season play followed by single-elimination playoffs, equipment, t-shirts (volleyball teams get up to 10 shirts), gym rental, insurance, scorekeepers, prizes for winners, etc.  Make sure after you’ve registered that you submit your payment or else your registration will be deleted by the system after 2 hours.

Just click the blue “Register” button on the league page and follow the steps.

After you click the “Register” button select the option to sign up as a team captain.  Once you’re all signed up invite your friends to join your team. There is actually an invite tool you can use when logged into the website that captains are strongly encouraged to take advantage of.  You will have the option of paying the entire team fee (preferred by the PBSSC) or dividing the team fee up amongst your teammates. In order to get the early bird rate it isn’t good enough just for you to create the team and pay your portion before the deadline.  All your players need to have signed up and paid by then. If you pay the whole thing up front obviously that ensures you’re getting the early bird rate. If you do choose to divide up the fee amongst your team any balance that remains the week the season is scheduled to begin will automatically be transferred to you and become your responsibility.

8-10 people on the roster is pretty typical, but it can vary. Both Grass and Indoor are 6 v 6 (minimum of 3 women, maximum of 3 men on the court).  If you pay the whole team fee it is entirely up to you the size of your roster provided you’re fielding a team each week. Free agent teams will have 9-10 players on them.

After you click the blue “Register” button select the option to join as a team player, then just find your friend’s team and follow the steps.

Yes, just select the free agent option after clicking the blue “Register” button. Once registration is closed down I'll put you onto a team that could use an extra person or create a team entirely of free agents.

If you want to play with some friends but you’re unable to fill a full team then just have everyone sign up as a free agent.  Once everyone is registered email us the names and we’ll be sure to group you together.

Locations vary from league to league, be sure to check the league homepage to see its location.

Times vary from league to league, be sure to check the league homepage to see its schedule.  Indoor has 4 seasons a year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Grass only has 2 (Spring and Summer) due to daylight restrictions.

Yes, it's a single elimination tournament that in most leagues every team will qualify for so long as they don’t have more than one forfeit during the regular season.  Playoffs usually run for 2 weeks following the regular season.

Head to a watering hole if you're up for it.

Yes, volleyball leagues are self-reffed.  Indoor leagues will have a PBSSC staff member there to be the scorekeeper and help with any rule disputes.  Grass leagues will have field monitors there to help with rule disputes. You will turn in a filled out scoresheet to them at the end of your matches.

Check out the rules below:

Indoor Rules

Grass Rules