San Francisco: Rules

Official KickballSF Rules


The 1st and most important rule of KickballSF is there is no douchebaggery permitted.  We're just out there to have fun.  The team that has the most fun out on the field is the real winner anyway.  Here are the basics:



The field is set up like a standard softball field.  Bases are roughly 15-20 paces apart



An ump will be assigned to your game



Ball is rolled underhand towards the hitter.  The pitcher can not get a running start, one step and then just roll the ball.  Don't try to show off how hard you can pitch it, no one will be impressed. Strike zone is extended to the width of the ball on either side of the plate.  Any wider than that and it is a ball. It is also a ball if the pitch crosses the plate any higher than roughly the center of the shin of the batter. This of course will be left to the ump's discretion.  If you are pitching, just roll the ball so people can kick it, it's just so much better for everyone that way.



11 people on the field with at least 4 girls and no more than 7 guys (minimum for a game is 8 players, no less than 2 girls).  Less than 8 players will result in a forfeit, team that shows will recieve 7 points. One person is the catcher and they have to stay behind the hitter until the ball is kicked.  The other fielders can position themselves however they see fit. Normal baseball rules apply for recording outs (ball is caught in the air, runner is forced out or tagged out, etc.)  You can also throw the ball at a base runner when they are off the base to a record an out. Please don't aim for the head though. If the ump deems a head shot was done intentionally, the runner will be safe and move up one base.  The person who threw the ball will also be guilty of breaking the first rule, no douchebaggery.  If someone slides or ducks and gets hit in the head, that is still an out.  There is no way you can argue the person was aiming for the head in that scenario. Once the pitcher has the ball near the mound, runners can't advance. Runners on base can't leave their base until the ball is kicked.  Runners may only advance one base on an overthrow.



You are encouraged to kick the ball as hard as you can.  Bunting is strongly discouraged. It only takes 3 balls for a walk. 3 strikes is an out and 4 fouls is an out.  Strikes and fouls are counted separately.


Game Length  

We are going to play 6 innings, but it is time permitting.  An ump may have to call a game early if necessary. If the game is tied, extra innings will be played if there is time.  Otherwise we go to a kick off. Each team selects one kicker, you pitch it to your own team, whoever kicks it further in the air wins  


Batting Order  

You can't bat more than 2 guys in a row without putting a girl up there. In certain situations a girl may have to hit more than once in the order.  If you have way more guys than girls, then just send up a girl to bat for a second time after two guys have hit in a row. I'm not entirely sure I explained that very well.  I feel confident that enough people will understand that this can work. Once you establish an order, stick with it. The main thing to know is that a guy can not kick for the 2nd time until everyone on the team has kicked once.


We'll pretty much just follow normal baseball rules.   Runners can tag up on caught balls (once contact is made), players can be doubled off bases, a runner can only run through 1st, etc.  If you're someone who is familiar with these sort of rules just help out your teammates who aren't.